To make a difference one has to be agile, know a lot about a broad variety of topics and be able to lead people through intrinsic motivation. I want to make a difference and help others to do so as well.

During my gap semester at Columbia University in New York City, I had the great opportunity to take two classes which impacted my view towards impact a lot: „Developing and Implementing New Ideas“ taught me about the importance of a founding team and how to identify a good idea to solve. Problem focused ideation remains a core principle for me ever since. I also learned one very important aspect about the great entrepreneurs of the last 30 years: Intrinsic motivation through an exciting vision of the future.

The second course I took was introduction to psychology where I had the opportunity to learn the structure and functions of our brain. This also helped me get a better understanding on intrinsic motivation, the importance of sleep, how much we can actually work and even how to be happier in my life. I highly recommend anyone to learn more about the basics of our human brain – in my opinion this should be taught in school.